————The New Experiment———-



Hello there friend,

I’m doing a new experiment.



Some of it stems from conversations I’ve had, even some requests here and there
– from friends, people I’ve met on the road, people online, etc.

But mainly it’s due to this constant urge to get things tangible;
named and out in the open.

To bring the inside out.

Since my last big NY show I’ve been doing a lot of “inside time.”
A lot of thinking and writing, and churning stuff.

Some music, for sure.
But also, words, without music.
And other things, too

(Albums are amazing, truly, but they take a long time to make,
and then unfortunately require a long time between each).

There have been quite a few short little bite-sized things
that stretch over some different areas..

All of which are, in varying degrees, close to the heart.

(Including, but not limited to):

Art / Artists (high and low, all types of genres & mediums)
The States of Life and Culture in The West
Leisure Activities
Love & other emotions
New York City

And other things, too.

So for the next however long, you can expect to receive the occasional
little message from me.

Just a bit more frequently than in the past
(nothing crazy, don’t worry),
but hopefully
a welcome and entertaining little diversion in your day.

The idea is to put a *useless* trove of trivia / knowledge / musings / feelings / writings / creations
– in various media and on subjects as diverse as those listed above – toward some “useful” end.


Namely, that of entertaining, and maybe even giving some
– again, very possibly *useless* but at least potentially –
enjoyable (and maybe even occasionally enlightening) stuff.

If you smile, it will all be worth it.

If you get something useful out of it, even better.

And for those bold and intrepid of you..

If anything sparks anything within you,
there will be plenty opportunity to convey your thoughts on everything covered.

And I would highly encourage it.

It’s much more fun talking to people than empty cyberspace.

And if you hate it, please feel more than free to let me know.
(or quietly unsubscribe. I promise my feelings won’t be hurt. ;)

Oh, and there will also be occasional free new music involved,
as well as plenty of nowhere-else-available stuff.

Just for being here..

Which is to say..

Much of what you see and hear in these emails
will only be available through these emails.

Lastly, if after receiving a few of these things, there’s anything you particularly like..

Or something you might like more of..

Or things that you don’t like..

Please don’t be shy about it. The whole point is to be of benefit.
(What else is art supposed to be about anyway?)

OK good, so now that you know what I’m doing, next time you hear from me..

go ahead and expect some joyous wonders.

Talk soon,


P.S. If you arrived here some other way than via an email from me,
you might not be part of the experiment yet (i.e. might not be on the email list).

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