How John Lennon Had it Right (or, How I’m Learning to Stop Worrying and Love Everyone & Everything)

How John Lennon Had it Right (or, How I’m Learning to Stop Worrying and Love Everyone & Everything)

So basically, I am very jazzed that you are here to…. well, take PART!

(Part of what, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you..)

Ladies and Gentle-greens, I give you…..

Well, it’s kind of like I give you assorted interior analog-representationalist renderings of portion-sized pieces of you and me. If this all sounds a bit “Hannibal Lecter-y” to you, I assure you, I AM YOU.

Yes, and you are me, and I do believe we are, in fact, all together, despite the ongoing attempts at claiming otherwise.

So in effect, nay, in actuality, I am really only imploring you to subscribe to yourself! And just think of me as your humble court looking-glass; your Shakespearian fool; your own personal Dagobah cave.

So then, I give you.. our life.

Yes, yours and mine. Together. I see you in me, and I see me in you. That’s what I write, how I write, who I write.

Oh yes, and of course WHY I write. To figure us all out, that is. (Really, of course, to figure my own self out (who the hell else do we think I could even have a shot in hell at decoding??

“But, wait a minute Dave,” you ask, “didn’t you just say you believe we’re all together?”

“YES,” I reply, “but even if I know that to be the truth of things, IT DOESN’T FEEL EVEN CLOSE TO THAT WAY MOST OF THE TIME!”

“Yes, I would agree” you respond. “Well ok, so let’s just say you’re trying to figure yourself out then. So how’s that going?” you ask?

“Very funny,” I reply. “Yes, not quite there yet!”

But, at least I’m trying). At this, I am trying – (trying to believe? trying to decode?) – and isn’t that, after all, the name of the game?, and (no, my resolve will not be shaken) when I say me, I DO MEAN… US).

But I digress.

(Actually, if I may digress for just a bit longer.. What exactly do I hope will lay at the bottom – I mean the very bottom, the bottom bottom – of this tissue onion-skin abyss? Of all of this searching, prodding, excavating?? Will it be…. Relief? Fun?? Understanding???


Hmm, and then what might I guess the ultimate reward of all that might bring?…… Could it be…… Success???? Money$$$$$ LOVE??????

HAPPINESS for Christmas-sake???????)

Alright, well I definitely lost the trail somewhere in there, but I think all I’m trying to say is..

If you believe in the search (the good search, shall we call it?), and you believe we can do it together, well then, I’m your man.

Because I believe we can do it together.

And I still to this day, after years and years of asking why, have no f*cking idea why this is so, but I do believe that the pursuit of A..R..T (and whatever that is/means in your life) is somehow tied into the heart of it. The Art of it..

The Art of Our Lives. (What is the Art of Your Life?)

Ah well, so anyway..

TO BOOT – I will share, give, offer, show, and play things for those who are here (that’s you)(which also remember, is me ;) before the general everyone-else, or in many cases, things that those who are not here will simply never be offered or shown – “exclusives” (much as I abhor that word, in all its patent supercilious denial of the aforementioned ‘we-are-all-together’-ness of it all).

And lastly – I (All You Need Is) LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from my people (you) so by all means, get yourself in touch with me (which don’t forget, is you) if you ever have any questions, comments, thoughts, feedback, existential quandaries (not, obviously, that I’ll be able to provide any appeasement on that front but you’ll have found an infinitely sympathetic empathizer), or just simply to say,

“What is UP, Dave?!”

I do indeed love that.

(Also, I’m not nearly always this bloviated bullshit-y “colorful” in real life) (though I have been known to go off on the occasional hyper-active rant…)

In closing…. thank you again, be well, and let’s talk soon! (In fact, if you feel me, let me know. Where else? Down below! i.e. please say hi and/or leave your gentle observations and proddings in the COMMENTS area ;D)

Yours in societally-imposed humility,
David Ian

We are all Gods and losers..


Oh and P.S. – btw, wtf? ….

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  • Hi David!

    I agree we are all on this journey together and I think that all of our individual different dreams and purposes in life come together and work together like a giant machine. When pieces of the machine are broken, that is when people aren’t pursuing what they really want to do in life (or searching as you said), that is when we all break down as human beings and our giant machine is broken. I am not fully prescribing to FATE because I think we have more control than that, but I do believe that people searching for their purpose and actually doing things that make them feel alive make us all as a collective progress forward.

    I love the your song TASK! <3 so much soul!

  • Laurel says:

    What is UP, Dave?!

    I love this concept – that we are sticking together, looking to each other, & working on the art of our lives.

  • Katrina says:

    I think its really exciting to take part on the journey that is discovering or figuring out who you/we are and I’m interested to see where this all goes.

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